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We connect you with local, organic farmers & artisans

We’re dedicated to supporting our community, so we’ve forged relationships with local family farmers who grow fresh, organic fruits & vegetables using sustainable organic practices that are healthier for both animals & people, better for the soil & water, and help reduce carbon emissions. We also connect you with our local food producer partners who humanely raise animals for milk, dairy & meats & others who handcraft jam, pickles, coffee, chocolate & more with fresh, local ingredients.

  • Art's Mexican Products

    Kansas City, KS

    Art's Mexican Products Story

    Arts Mexican Products, originally founded as a restaurant in 1961, now serves fresh, authentic mexican products to 75 restaurants and 50 grocery stores throughout the Kansas City metro. Founder Arthur Gutierrez, Sr, believed "Anyone can make a thick tortilla, it takes an artist to make them thin." Arthur's daughter, Rachael Gutierrez Kelley, now runs the show and we're happy to be her Good Food partner!

    What do they produce?

    Tortillas, chips, sauces and spices

  • Baumans Cedar Valley Farms

    Garnett, KS

    Baumans Cedar Valley Farms Story

    Operated by the Bauman family since 2003, 180-acre Cedar Valley Farms produces pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, and ducks. The animals are given all-natural feeds & no added hormones or antibiotics, so the meat and eggs taste like the food Grandma used to eat! Due to their faith, the Baumans do not use the Internet and run their business the old-fashioned way, mostly face-to-face.

    What do they produce?

    All-natural poultry

  • Benish's Bakery

    Kansas City, MO

    Few treats go better with coffee than a local, all-natural biscotti made by former radio newsman Bob Benish. Available in three scrumptious flavors—Hazelnut, Citrus, and Trade Winds—these biscottis are baked fresh in Bob’s Kansas City home and delivered straight to us to bring to you. Bob calls his biscottis "cookies for grown-ups," so get these yummy, oh-so-mature cookies in our Shop.

    What do they produce?


  • BoysGrow Corp

    Kansas City, MO

    BoysGrow Corp Story

    These foods will put a smile on your face. The boys of Boys Grow aren’t your everyday farmers—these are inner-city kids ages 12 to 15 who work together to learn entrepreneurship and how to launch a food product, from growing and harvesting to marketing and selling. We deliver all of the natural products they create: Salsa Orgullo, Agave Ketchup, and their latest, BGQ Barbecue Sauce. Sales directly benefit these boys.

    What do they produce?

    Not just veggies and condiments—Boys Grow cultivates community leaders

  • Chestnut Charlie's

    Lawrence, KS

    Chestnut Charlie's Website

    Charlie NovoGradac started planting chestnut trees in 1995 on an old farm north of Lawrence, Kansas, following organic practices from the start—the orchard has been certified organic annually since 1998. Charlie and his partner, Deborah Milks, are now experts at growing chestnuts organically and sustainably. Charlie grew up around wild black walnut trees in eastern Kansas; he was later inspired by visionary economist J. Russell Smith, author of Tree Crops: a Permanent Agriculture, to plant trees that could feed people. "The more we learn about modern petrochemical-based agriculture, the more convinced am I that tree crops offer a lifesaving, sustainable path to the future," says Charlie.

    What do they produce?


  • Conveniently Natural

    Kansas City, MO

    Conveniently Natural Story

    As parents of two young daughters, Isabelle and Adrienne, Kim and Brian Gordon found themselves doing the weeknight juggling act we’re all familiar with. Founded in 2011, their business was born of their passion for creating freshly prepared, nourishing meals that make family dinners easy.

    What do they produce?

    Prepared meals

  • Farm to Market Bread Co.

    Kansas City, MO

    Farm to Market Bread Co. Story

    Farm to Market Bread Co. was born in the back of the Classic Cup restaurant in September 1993. Two years later, they moved to the Waldo area and have been delighting this eclectic neighborhood with the aroma of fresh-baked bread ever since. All Farm to Market products are baked daily to ensure the freshest bread on your table every time.

    What do they produce?

    Artisan breads and other baked goods

  • Great Gran's Pickle Company

    Olathe, KS

    Great Gran's Pickle Company Story

    Meet Jack Williams, a small-batch, artisanal pickle maker who handcrafts zesty, crunchy cured cukes out of his home in Olathe, Kansas. The Kosher Dill, Hot Kosher Dill, Bread and Butter, and Hot Bread and Butter varieties are created with Jack’s great-grandmother’s family recipes. But don't ask Jack to divulge the top-secret spices—he keeps these recipes locked away in a safe.

    What do they produce?


  • Heil Produce

    Norborne, MO

    Heil Produce Story

    Anthony Heil owns and operates Heil Produce in Norborne, Missouri. But this is not your normal farm with sprawling pastures. Tony runs a hydroponic operation in a large greenhouse on his homestead. Hydroponic farming is a sustainable method of growing plants without soil and with less water, so it’s good for the environment. Tony is the fifth generation in his family to farm his land, and he hopes his son will be the sixth.

    What do they produce?

    Lettuce and other leafy greens

  • Hilary's Eat Well

    Lawrence, KS

    Hilary's Eat Well Story

    The producer of the “World’s Greatest Veggie Burger” and winner of the 2013 Customer Taste of Local Choice Award has wowed us again, this time with their all-natural salad dressings. Find Hilary’s Eat Well’s delectable new dressings in our shop, along with their top-notch veggie burgers and bites.

    What do they produce?

    Veggie burgers, veggie bites, and salad dressings

  • Iwig Family Dairy, LLC

    Tecumseh, KS

    Iwig Family Dairy, LLC Story

    We love Iwig! The reasons are many, but a few big ones are their use of low-temperature pasteurization, which aids digestion, and glass bottles that preserve the natural taste of milk. But most importantly, we appreciate the way they treat their animals, naming and bottle-feeding them at birth.

    What do they produce?

    All natural, antibiotic- and hormone-free milk

  • Juniper Hill Farms, LLC

    Lawrence, KS

    Juniper Hill Farms, LLC Story

    Recent Iowa State University grad Scott Thellman, who’s all of 23, fell for farming back in high school. Since his family didn’t farm, they had rented out their land to cattle ranchers. Scott began riding around with them and helping feed the cows. He also started working on a sweet corn farm down the road. Scott loved “running around the farm” so much that he told his parents he wanted to farm their land himself.

    What do they produce?

    Brussels sprouts, beets, cabbage, cilantro, lettuce, kale, onions, peppers, potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and zucchini

  • KANbucha

    Lawrence, KS

    KANbucha Story

    It fans say the refreshingly tangy, slightly effervescent fermented tea known as kombucha may have digestive or other health benefits. KANbucha, made right here in Lawrence, Kansas, is a labor of love for Eliot Pees, a KU alumni turned entrepreneur.

    What do they produce?

    Kombucha, a fermented sweet tea

  • KC Buffalo Co.

    Belton, MO

    KC Buffalo Co. Story

    On the edge of the Great American Prairie in rural Missouri, KC Buffalo Co. raises grass-fed bison sustainably. Their reasonably priced bison meat is rich in flavor yet naturally lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy monounsaturated fats than beef. They never give their bison growth hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. To see where the buffalo roam, drive 20 minutes south of Kansas City to Belton.

    What do they produce?

    Grass-fed bison steaks, brats, dogs, jerky, and ground bison

  • Knapp Family Farms

    Basehor, KS

    Knapp Family Farms Story

    These are happy pigs! And for good reason: Since 1954, this family farm has been raising its animals in the most humane conditions and feeding them nothing but the best. The Knapps grow their own corn and grind everything right on their farm in Bonner Springs, Kansas.We are happy to call this family of farmers our friends.

    What do they produce?

    Variety of pork offerings, from brats to steaks

  • Louisburg Cider Mill

    Louisburg, KS

    Louisburg Cider Mill Story

    Back in 1977, Tom and Shelly Schierman bottled their first batch of apple cider in their newly renovated 120-year-old barn in rural Kansas. Fast-forward to today, and MSNBC has picked Louisburg Cider Mill as one of the top 10 cider mills in America. So of course we wanted to give you a taste. This stuff is real-deal 100 percent natural apple cider—not from concentrate, not watered down, insanely delicious. They use only U.S.-grown apples and pasteurize the cider on-site.

    What do they produce?

    Apple cider, sparkling cider, apple-cider vinegar

  • Mean Vegan

    Kansas City, MO

    Mean Vegan Story

    Their personal quests to clean up their fast-food diets—and a mutual love of tasty tamales—brought Mean Vegan owners Stephanie Shelton and Shawn Mock together. Now you can enjoy the delicious, healthy results. Mean Vegan works magic with jackfruit, a tropical fruit that tastes like meat when combined with savory sauces, as in their famous Jack Tamales and Kansas City Jack BBQ. Their new smoked-portobella Funguy Jerky is also a taste sensation.

    What do they produce?

    Vegan foods

  • Missouri Pecan Growers

    Nevada, MO

    Missouri Pecan Growers Story

    Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, a group of more than 30 local orchards with 1,200 pecan trees, was founded in 2001 and got USDA Organic certification in 2003. What makes these pecans so divine? “Eighty-five percent of pecans in the United States are clones from grafted pecan trees [bred to be much larger],” says Drew Kimmell, managing partner. “Our smaller, native pecans taste better because of the higher oil content. That’s where we get our tagline, Sweeter by Nature."

    What do they produce?


  • Our Sassy Pantry

    Prairie Village, KS

    Our Sassy Pantry Story

    These aren’t your everyday jams, so you don’t need to be a jam fan to add Balsamic Blueberry, Wicked Tomato, and Ancho Cherry to your weekly order. Made by cousin-in-laws & business partners Marisa Roberts and Kay Findlay & their crew, these very popular preserves were created to add a kick of flavor to everyday dishes. Whether it’s for meat or green beans, these jams will set your recipes apart from the rest.

    What do they produce?


  • Paris Brothers Specialty Foods

    Kansas City, MO

    Paris Brothers Specialty Foods Story

    Inspired by their Italian heritage, brothers Joseph and Salvatore Paris founded locally roasted Parisi Artisan Coffee right here in Kansas City. Their tagline, Art From the Cup, is a nod to their artsy hometown. But it’s also a guarantee that every cup of Parisi Artisan Coffee is truly a cup of art. We couldn’t be prouder to carry their espresso, regular, and decaf coffee beans in our Shop.

    What do they produce?

    Whole-bean and ground coffees

  • Pat & Rachel's Gardens - James R. Leek

    Olathe, KS

    Pat & Rachel's Gardens - James R. Leek Story

    The sun seems to shine down extra brightly over the perfectly pampered kale, arugula, parsley, turnips, and cherry tomatoes grown at Pat and Rachel's Gardens in Olathe, Kansas. A retired high school teacher, Jim Leek has turned his gardening hobby into a successful operation that yields organic produce year-round, thanks to hoops and hoop houses.

    What do they produce?

    Cherry tomatoes, kale, parsley, arugula & turnips

  • Quixotic Farming

    Overland Park, KS

    Quixotic Farming Story

    Quixotic Farming raises tilapia in a humane environment where the fish swim freely without any chemicals or pollutants. Based in Cañon City, Colorado, this family-owned farm walks the sustainability talk, recirculating and filtering all of the pond water to keep the H2O clean and the tilapia healthy. The fish are fed a certified-organic diet that contains no animal by-products, hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. The farm is certified sustainable by the Institute of Marketecology and follows Organic Land standards.

    What do they produce?


  • Rawxies, LLC

    Lenexa, KS

    These award-winning, heart-shaped cookies and bagged crunchy snacks are delicious—and super-nutritious! Rawxies founder and CEO Callie England wanted to craft a healthy snack that would keep hungry eaters full for longer, so she added fiber-rich oats to the traditional date-nut nutritional bar. Raw, vegan, and made with low-glycemic coconut palm sugar, Rawxies cookies come in irresistible flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Banana Nut Bread. Your whole family will fall for them.

    What do they produce?

    Vegan, raw cookies and crunchy snacks

  • Roam Sticks

    La Plata, MO

    Roam Sticks Story

    Farmer John Arbuckle is passionate about his pigs. He cares deeply about their lifestyle and diet, which benefits his customers. “We believe that feeding our pigs fruits and vegetables increases the vitamin, mineral, and omega-3 content of the meat,” John says. “Our pigs spend the spring free-ranging a half-acre of field peas.”

    What do they produce?

    Turkey at Thanksgiving and Pork

  • Schenker Family Farms

    McCune, KS

    Schenker Family Farms Story

    Kevin and Cherie Schenker and their children, Wyatt, Josie, David, and Suzanna Grace, run a fifth-generation family farm in southeastern Kansas. The Schenkers pride themselves in providing quality meats the way nature intended, which means they do not give their animals growth hormones or pesticide-grown feed. They offer pretty much every product that Great-Grandfather Thomas did back in those early years—except for one thing: his homemade moonshine.

    What do they produce?

    Grass-fed beef, pastured pork and lamb, free-range poultry

  • Wells Family Farms

    King City, MO

    Wells Family Farms Story

    On their combined 880 acres of certified-organic, Animal Welfare Approved farmland in rural Missouri, Kim and Steve Wells pasture 150 well-loved cows on nutritious native grasses. Passionate about humane animal husbandry, the Wells family disdains hormones, antibiotics, and the ranching tradition of punching painful holes in cows’ ears. We like their style!

    What do they produce?

    Grass-fed beef

  • Wood Mood Gardens

    Higginsville, MO

    Wood Mood Gardens Story

    “We have the best dang dirt in the state of Missouri!” That’s the secret to growing the best corn and potatoes around, according to Jim Wood of Wood Mood Garden in Higginsville, Missouri. “We farm on two feet of black dirt on top of a hill, so nothing drains onto us,” Jim says. “It’s purely organic.” Wood Mood also produces amazing eggs. We feel lucky to partner with such a passionate farmer who’s been in business since 1994.

    What do they produce?

    Eggs, potatoes, and corn

  • Yummy's Choice

    Kansas City, MO

    Yummy's Choice Story

    Get a taste of the Mediterranean straight outa Missouri. Yummy’s Choice uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients they can source to hand-make all of their products, from falafel to sweet shatta.

    What do they produce?

    Falafel, shatta, hummus, pita chips, lebaneh & olive tapenade

  • Zac's Scullery, LLC

    Lee's Summit, MO

    Zac's Scullery, LLC Story

    Passionate young Kansas City entrepreneur Zac Manos spreads cheer by crafting vegan, gluten-free chocolate to deliver extra nutritional bliss! Combining raw, direct-trade cocoa nibs and cocoa butter with low-glycemic palm sugar & organic & locally sourced ingredients, Manifest Chocolates offer chocolate’s reliable "cheer factor" without the usual sugar crash.

    What do they produce?

    Artisan, vegan & gluten-free raw chocolates

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